Membership Process

If you are interested in becoming a member of Providence Reformed Baptist Church, please review the membership process below:

As you prayerfully consider membership here, please begin by reading the following:

  1. Providence Reformed Baptist Church Articles of Faith*, which declares what we believe and therefore also what we teach.
    *For a more detailed statement of belief, please see the 1689 Baptist Confession of Faith.
  2. Chicago Statement of Biblical Inerrancy
  3. Nashville Statement of Human Sexuality

How to Join:

a.  Each person desiring to join PRBC should fill out a Membership Petition.
b. After filling out the petition, please schedule an interview with our elder by calling the church office at 210.201.5546 or by emailing
c. After giving your testimony to the church body, there will be an affirmation from the congregation to welcome each member into the body at PRBC.
d.  To demonstrate our commitment to one another at PRBC, each church member is asked to sign the Membership Covenenat as an expression of commitment to be a responsible church member.

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